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Create Your Strategic Plan Now!

Businesses without a Strategic Plan fail. Businesses that live by their Strategic Plan succeed. This is the most direct path to a focused, success-oriented team—for $1 a day.

A wizard guides you. Coaching videos and workbooks make you an expert. The meetings interface brings it to life. Become your best.

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No Strategic Plan? That's A Plan to Fail.

Without a Strategic Plan, business leaders waste most of their time chasing rabbits, putting out fires, and trying to convince customers and partners that they have everything under control when they don’t.


Even when businesses that have a Strategic Plan, 85% of them fail to execute it.  It sits in a binder somewhere and gathers dust.


ResultsBI empowers you to create a living document that you can use for day-to-day management.  The cultural impact is massive.  Your employees will feel it.  So will your partners, and so will your customers.


Extreme Value

15-Section Strategic Plan

Use all 15 or just the ones you want. Workbooks help you finish the whole thing quickly—often in an hour or two.

$10,000 worth of online consulting

In over 5 hours of professional coaching videos. Be confident that you understand exactly what you're doing and why.

Meetings Interface & Endless Records

Many of our clients think this is the most valuable asset we offer. Hold meetings in the application and track progress to your success.


Post messages everyone can see to celebrate great work and to build a strategically-aligned culture.

Key Performance Indicators

Import data directly into the plan and track the numbers that mean strategic success.


Assign tasks to elevate accountability to strategic execution.

Extreme Results

More Time

Strategic execution frees you to work ON your business instead of IN it.

Mental Health

Less chaos. Managing with a Strategic Plan makes you a more effective leader, which makes you healthier and happier.

New Opportunities

The ResultsBI Strategic Plan helps you identify new opportunities, and it helps create the time and energy to seize them.

Better Culture

Share your Strategic Plan with everyone, and they will understand why their job matters, which improves their buy-in and commitment.

Better Decisions

When everyone "gets" your Strategic Plan, they make better decisions. They know how to contribute to your business's success and to your customer's delight.

Better Teamwork

Use your Strategic Plan to make each person understand why their job matters—and why everyone else's job matters, too.

The Only Strategic Plan Designed for
Strategic Execution

There are other Strategic Planning software systems out there.  But ResultsBI is the ONLY one that:


Has a step-by-step wizard that literally walks you through the entire Strategic Planning process.

Coaches you on every aspect of your plan with clear, action-oriented videos.

Incudes workbooks that guide your thinking.


ResultsBI is also the ONLY Strategic Planning software system designed to help you actually execute your strategic plan.  It has:


A meetings interface that keeps your meeting notes indefinitely.

Assigned tasks that can be commented upon and updated.

A common Watercooler for positive reinforcement.


Why settle for less?

Just Like You

Gem Hart
HG Group

I think a lot of our people have gotten the confidence to say, "Hey we can do this,” and they make the right decisions.

Harvey Dunn, General Manager
Progress Printing

Accountability doubled. Employee engagement and motivation doubled. People took ownership of their numbers and would innovate to keep their goals in the green.

Peter Steele, CEO
Revenue Automation

ResultsBI is a must for CEO’s and business owners. It’s the best tool I’ve used to both define and align my team to our company’s strategy.