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The ResultsBI Strategic Planning system guides you through VISION, STRATEGY, & EXECUTION – providing a roadmap to your success…all for only $30 per month — Just a dollar a day!

ResultsBI Strategic Planning has helped over

8657  businesses succeed.


Why a Strategic Plan?

The global business environment is more challenging than ever. A Strategic Plan will help you:

  • Build protection against competitors
  • Provide a vision to engage your entire staff
  • Create employee accountability.
  • Leverage opportunities in your industry.
  • Most importantly ensure growth.

You cannot effectively grow a company without a strategic plan — and we are not talking about an excel sheet was created by your CFO, that is just a simply a forecast based on assumptions. A true strategic plan… is the key to your success — putting together a strategic plan is a foundational layer that must be laid down first — then and only then you can grow!

The ResultsBI Strategic Plan is only $30 per month — Just a dollar a day! And that includes access for you and up to 4 additional executives.

ResultsBI Strategic Planning is your Compass

In helping over 8,000 companies grow we see we have empathy for business executives who have a vision but are distracted with the day to day activity of running the business. Using the ResultsBI R5 Strategy Execution Compass SM we guide you through:

  • Building your Strategic Plan
  • Sharing – aligning your staff
  • Tracking – your projects and key metrics
  • Executing – creating accountability
  • Repeating – every week, every month, every quarter and every year

Don’t wait another day to ensure 2020 is your best year ever! It starts with a plan and the ResultsBI R5 Strategy Execution Compass we guide you through for just a dollar a day.*

*a dollar a day, billed monthly at $30 per month, includes access for you and up to 4 additional executives. No credit card is required on sign-up.

Results BI One Page Strategic Plan Overview

The ResultsBI Strategic Plan will create a road map that clearly outlines:

  •  Who we are.
  •  Where your company is going.
  •  How you plan to get there.

You will have three main areas and fifteen sub-sections. The system will guide you through the creation of each section. You can accomplish this as a self-paced project on your own, with your leadership team, or with a consultant.

But you’re not boxed into our methodology. The software is flexible, able to accommodate different strategic methodologies including; Rockefeller Habits, Scaling Up, Gazelles, Traction, EOS, 3HAG and more. You can also delete sections or modify them to include components unique to your industry or your consultant’s methodology.


Vison Section

Core Valus

Core Values are the behaviors that define your culture. Core Values are clear statements of how you expect every person in your organization to act, regardless of their role. Core Values provide a moral compass for your people. They can help your people to decide on the right course of action, regardless of the challenge they face.


A BHAG or "Big Hairy Audacious Goal" is a term coined by business author Jim Collins. Before we start the process of strategic planning, we need a goal. A meaningful and compelling goal. A vision for the future that ideally inspires everyone in the organization. A BHAG does not necessarily mean your organization needs to be as big as possible, it's about building a "great" organization, however you define greatness.

Core Purpose

You need to give your people a compelling reason to work for you, beyond simply earning money. A Core Purpose gives meaning to the work that you do. Your Core Purpose is not "what" you do. It is not "how" you do it either. Your Core Purpose is "why" you do what you do. Your Core Purpose speaks to your organization's passion. It speaks to the difference your organization wants to make to the lives of the people it touches.

Strategy Sections

Our One Page Plan is ideal for start-ups or established companies that do not have a proper, written strategic plan.

Execution Sections


Numerical Targets are milestones that are aligned to your 3 to 5 Year Strategic Moves. They measure the successful execution of your strategy. They can also measure your progress toward your BHAG. Ideally, you want to choose numbers that everyone in the company understands and could physically count if they chose to.


SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. SWOT is an assessment of your current reality. Strengths and Weaknesses are internal – things unique to your organization. Opportunities and Threats are external – things in your marketplace you could take action on. SWOT should be updated every quarter to ensure what you have stated is an accurate reflection of your current operating environment. The pace of change is increasing, and you need to keep ahead of it. Your updated SWOT (“reality assessment”) provides the context from which you will then choose the most important Strategic Projects to work on.


Strategic Projects are the top 3 Projects your organization will allocate people, time and resources to implementing in the coming period (typically each quarter). These Projects are strategic in nature, because they are aligned to your 3 to 5 Year Strategic Moves and address one or more issues contained in your SWOT analysis.


Metrics are what you use to measure the the performance of every functional area of your organization; the things you do every day to create leads, make sales, provide your products and services, keep your customers happy, grow cash and make profits. We call this stuff “Business As Usual”.

Once you determine the Metrics for every functional area, you should be able to distill a smaller subset of Metrics that you deem to be “critical success factors” – the most important drivers of your current operating model. These “organization-wide” Metrics are what you make visible on your organization’s Strategic Plan.

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