Provide us with leads for our One-Page Strategic Plan, and we'll pay you for sales.
Perfect for thought leaders, speakers or bloggers who serve businesses or similar organizations.
The program is simple and lucrative. All you need to do is follow our guidelines while presenting our products, and we track leads that originate from your efforts. The ones that buy earn you a generous payout.

Perfect for professionals who provide complimentary services to small and mid-sized businesses and who want to increase their long-term revenue and profitability.
Consultants in IT, HR, Accounting, Sales, Marketing as well as business coaches and management consultants of many types can recommend ResultsBI software to their clients and earn on those who become customers.

Exclusively for strategy consultants who already provide strategic services to an established SMB client base.
Professionals teaching the Gazelles, EOS or similar methodologies will find it easy to make ResultsBI software the perfect "leave behind" at their client's place of business to drive strategy execution.
Terms are lucrative and designed to create a long-term, win-win relationship.