Do you have a portfolio of SMB clients that you currently provide strategic planning services for?

If so, then ResultsBI has the ideal software tool to complement your service offering.

ResultsBI will help you:

  • Create and capture your client’s key strategic decisions on an online one-page Strategic Plan
  • Track metrics (KPIs), so your clients can see positive progress with the numbers
  • Track projects and tasks, so your clients can see their strategy being executed
  • Communicate and collaborate with your clients in real-time using our messaging tool
  • Run powerful client meetings to discuss performance and drive results

Your clients will use ResultsBI on a daily basis to help manage and grow their business. You’ll get a portal that gives you real time visibility into each of your client accounts. You’ll see which parts of each client business are working well, and which parts are not working so well, so you can identify areas where you can add more value as a strategy consultant.

You adding more value = happier clients, higher billings, and increased client retention.

You’ll use ResultsBI every time you meet with your clients to drive strategy execution and track the results of your work. ResultsBI is the software you use on a daily basis to perform an effective job as a strategy consultant.

When you introduce your clients to us, just like our regular Referral Partners, you get a share of the subscription revenue on an ongoing basis. This enables you to build a passive income stream, regardless of whether you happen to be currently working with them.

Plus, if you get certified in the ResultsBI strategy execution methodology (or are certified in an equivalent approved strategy consulting methodology), we’ll feature you on the ResultsBI website as one of our “Strategy Consulting Partners”. You’ll be someone our existing software clients can purchase strategic planning services from. Who knows? You may even pick up some new clients from us!

What are you waiting for?