Chess Strategy Will Kill You — Switch To Tennis

Do you think of strategic planning as a deep dive that evolves over a long period of time? A lot of people do, and one reason is because articles about strategy almost always have a picture of a game of chess. The analogy is obvious: strategy is complicated. Difficult. Slow. Ponderous.

If you take that approach to strategy now, this pandemic will end your business. The chess approach will destroy you.

You don’t have time for chess. You can’t wait for the pandemic to end and then start planning. You need a plan now. As a business leader, you are morally and financially obligated to come up with a way to get your part of the world moving again.

Like Tennis, Not Chess

You need tennis strategy. You need to think on your feet. If you could hit the ball anywhere, where would hit it? Of all the spots you can actually send it, given the reality confronting you, which is the best one?

I know what you’re thinking. That’s still a lot of work. That’s still a lot of deep-diving. That’s true under the best of circumstances, but now it’s even more difficult.

The tennis player has thousands of games in their past, and that’s why they can pick their shot in a moment. It’s totally different for you. There are no models, there is no experience.

A Whole New Game

No one has ever done this before. You’re the person who has to figure it out for the first time, ever. Not only are you playing this game for the first time, but this is the first time this game has ever been played.

We’re here to help you. Your worst opponent is chaos. Your biggest enemy is stress. Planning can overcome them both, and we’re going to guide you through it.

And we’re going to do it fast.

We’ve created a 10-day Challenge to get you through an entire strategic planning exercise before the reopening.

Daily coaching for the duration, live.

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