Give A-Players Strategy or They Will Ruin Your 2020

I’ve got two, major, last-minute insights for you before this decade is gone forever.

First Insight: Strategize or Lose

You better have a strategy to show your team in January, or you’re could lose your best people by February.

Have you seen the U.S. employment numbers? Forget the fact that unemployment’s at a 50-year low. That’s way too broad an indicator. The real problem that you have to face straight-on is the level of job creation and earning potential that’s surrounding you. Columbus, Ohio and other small cities are putting up numbers that were only possible in New York and San Francisco five years ago.

If your A-Players don’t have a very clear, unambiguous sense that you have a plan to take over the world in 2020, they’ll just walk. Why wouldn’t they? They’re not working for you; they’re working for themselves. You provide an income, sure, but if you can’t lay out a strategy, you will not keep them. That’s because A-Players want meaningful work. They want to know that their company is going to succeed, and they want to know how, and they want to do work that will contribute to that success in a meaningful way.

That’s fun. That’s what makes them tick. Either you provide it, or they’ll just find someone else who will. You must have a strategic plan, right now, if you’re going to keep them.

Anything less, and your March will be miserable.

Second Insight: You Need A Template

Dreaming is easy, but strategic planning is not. To create this plan that will inspire your A-Players, you need to know how.

How do you think through your SWOT analysis? What exactly are your Core Values? How do you come up with your 3-Year Strategic Moves?

The best way to answer those questions is to view the videos and to use the workbooks included in our Strategic Planning software. As soon as you sign up, you have access to almost 15 hours of videos and to eleven workbooks. Don’t waste money on anything else.

We’ve got your covered, and when you finish going through our process, you’ll the plan your A-Players need to make their best contribution to your 2020.

January Is Your Last Chance

This year is basically over. You need a stellar kick-off to 2020. You can’t do it without a strategic plan. Get to it, now!