I’ve Led Over 100 Webinars on Strategic Planning.
Here’s What I Learned

I’ve been delivering a 4-webinar series on strategic planning for several months now.  Entrepreneurs and business leaders from all over the world have attended, and their questions and feedback have been fascinating.

The Series begins with a webinar about Vision, where I guide them through some soul searching.  I help them come up with their Core Values, their Core Purpose, and their BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). 

Often, attendees are surprised to discover that their strategic plan begins with a statement of their Core Values.  But when I explain that their employees need to be motivated by something grander than their paycheck, they quickly understand why we start here.  

The BHAG is typically a 10+ year Big Goal is so important it provides context to the balance of the Strategic Planning process. That’s also up-front because, as I often say, “you need to know where you are going first, then you can plan how to get there.”

The next webinar in the series is about strategic planning itself.  I help them define their Target Customer, their Brand Promise, and their long term strategic moves.  Most business leaders find this a lot easier.  In fact, they often have too many ideas.

So, I help them focus on the top things that make their customers love them.  Those are the unique things about their business that will help them beat their competition and achieve their BHAG.  We use them to define their Strategic Projects, and we use them to focus their marketing as well. 

What I Learned

The third webinar is about Execution.  I start by telling them that, among all businesses that have a strategic plan, more than four-out-of-five fail to execute it.  That’s a real eye-opener.  

This is the main thing that I’ve learned: the reason four out of five businesses fail to execute their strategic plan is that business leaders think that when they’re finished writing it, their job is done. 

They are truly surprised to learn that creating their strategic plan is not enough.  I explain that if they want to be a one-out-of-five business who succeeds at executing their strategic plan, they have to learn how to use it.

Using Your Strategic Plan

The final webinar is on Leadership, or what I call Execution Leadership. This is the most important webinar in the series.

You see, you can have a vision, but that remains just a dream without a strategy, and the strategy requires the execution layer, where you can track your progress.  Even then, all of that is simply just a good intention. 

In the Execution leadership webinar, I provide guidance on how, as an executive, you need to give your “intention” the “attention” it requires to actually execute your Strategic Plan.

At this Leadership webinar, the questions become urgent: 

“How do you do use your strategic plan?” 

“What’s the process?” 

“What’s the best way to execute my strategic plan?”

I really enjoy this feeding frenzy, because ResultsBI’s product is specifically designed to help you do exactly these things.  Our entire company is dedicated to making sure our customers succeed at strategic execution.

Here are the answers to those questions:

“How do you do you use your strategic plan?” 

You share your strategic plan with everyone in your company.  For starters, you make sure every employee knows your Core Values.  You make sure they all know they are supposed to fulfill those Core Values all the time, no matter what. 

“What’s the process?” 

You show each employee how their job directly contributes to the company’s strategic plan.  No matter what they do, they should know that their job makes a valuable contribution. Empower them to think strategically.  This takes full advantage of their creativity and commitment. 

“What’s the best way to execute my strategic plan?”

The short answer:  Refer to your strategic plan at every single meeting, and every single one-on-one, held at your company. 

Our strategic planning software has a meeting interface built into it, for this purpose. You can let nine other people log-in to it.  When they do, they can add notes to their meetings before they take place, which makes them time-efficient as well as focused on your strategic plan.  It’s designed to be used by your executive team, and it keeps long-term records so you can track your progress. 

Your executives can then use the same method when they meet with their employees.  Have them keep your team focused on your strategic plan at all times.  When employees have questions, look at the strategy together and come up with answers that serve the strategy.  When they have ideas, look at the strategy together and see if they have come up with a better way to execute it (you’ll find that, very often, they have).

For the long answer, you’ll need to get a free trial of our software.  True strategic leadership can’t be summarized in a blog article.  It’s an entire method for managing people, and it is, by far, the most effective and the most enjoyable way.  

It’s also the most successful.  Creating your strategic plan brings out the best in you.  And using it to manage your team brings out the best in everyone at your company.  

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