Lead Now.  Rebound Explosively.

This crisis is one of the worst things that has happened to the planet in recent history.  Everyone here at Results BI has great compassion for the suffering that families and businesses are enduring right now.  

There’s more than one side to compassion.  As a business leader, part of your compassionate response must be planning for an explosive recovery.  

Crisis Are Monsters

Let me give you an example.  It’s not the same, but it’s similar. The financial crisis of 2007-08, also known as the global financial crisis, was a severe worldwide economic crisis. It is considered by many economists to have been the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. When it hit I was a principal at Diligent Boardboards.  Diligent’s product made it faster, easier and safer for Board Members to receive and review their board material. 

The financial crisis wasn’t a disease, and no one died from it.  But it was a monster. Banks were in a state of panic. Regulators and auditors descended on them.  Governments made specific and urgent demands. So Board Members had to meet often, and they had to meet securely, and Diligent’s product was the best thing on the market to do exactly that.  

Fighting Monsters 

We did not capitalize on the crisis.  Bur during the crisis, we became essential to a heavily impacted industry.  Banks adopted us at a rapid pace. As a business, Diligent took off and soon became a billion-dollar company. 

Why us rather than some other solution?  Because we had a clear strategy for growth.  We knew exactly how to expand. It just happened a lot faster than we expected.  

Monsters Are Monsters

As a business owner, you have an obligation to explode out of this terrible time the moment the opportunity presents itself. 

To do that, you must have a strategic plan.  There is no way you can question that statement.  It has been proven by study after study. 

Results BI is the only strategic planning software that has a meeting interface built into it.  It’s perfect for people working remotely. It keeps you on point and makes the most of everyone’s contribution.  

Results BI is the only strategic planning software that allows you to assign tasks and strategic projects so everyone is perfectly clear as to what they need to do.  It is the only one that lets you bring in dashboards so you can track the numbers that matter.  

We Are On Your Side

And now, we have an exceptional offer to help you create your strategic plan for your explosive recovery:

  1. 90 days for free.  It used to be for two weeks.  Now it’s three months (a $90 value).
  2. Free SWaTOL (Strengths, Weaknesses and Trends, Opportunities, Leverage) Workshop.  It used to be$199. Now we’ll just send you an invite after you sign up for the free trial.

You have an obligation to your employees, to your family, and to the world as large.  Now is the time to step up and be the leader you truly are. Use our tool for free, learn from us for free, and rebound explosively as soon as you can.

Free Trial & Workshop For an Explosive Recovery