Results Platform

The world’s most advanced business management platform

  • One Page Strategic Plan Company plan and/or separate plans for each team or department

  • Real-Time Metrics (KPI) Dashboard Metrics and Project dashboard for each department and employee

  • IntegratedMeetings™ – Ideal for running meetings with specific data and effective, efficient agendas

  • Connect Communications™ – Conversation threads associated with KPIs, Projects or departments.

  • RESULTS concierge onboarding by our world – renowned client support team, which includes an Implementation Manager, an Integrations Specialist and on-going client support via phone or chat.

  • Integrations with certain applications included; custom integrations available

  • Live coaching support via live chat.



Our One Page Plan is ideal for start-ups or established companies that do not have a proper, written strategic plan.

As one of the most important pillars of the RESULTS solution, it lays the foundation for your success.

A Strategy is something you can motivate people with. You can energize people around the message.
— Jack Welch, Former Chairman & CEO of General Electric


Our one page strategic plan is based on 20 years of business coaching and consulting. It’s flexible enough to accommodate any methodology that appeals to you, such as Verne Harnish’s Rockefeller Habits, Gino Wickman’s Traction, or your consultant’s tailored approach.


Your One Page Strategic Plan includes over 4 hours of videos. Each of the 15 videos teaches you how to think about an aspect of your strategy. They constantly bring you back to the fact that strategic planning and goal setting are very different things. Strategy is made up of the concrete decisions and actions you’re going to take to make it more likely that you’ll hit your goals. Goals are also essential, of course, and strategy provides the mind-set that will enable you to direct your business and control your future.

Most leaders need coaching to truly craft a strategy that’s right for them and for their team. These videos provide the coaching you need.


We are also the only strategic planning tool we know of that lets you pull 3 metrics from other applications you may already own directly into your strategic plan. It allows you to view your strategic decisions right next to a concrete measure of your progress.

A real strategic plan should be reviewed often and in depth, so it’s more effective when you can track top-level metrics to see if your strategy is generating real-world and real-time results.


If you’re investing in a strategy consultant, ask them to use our One Page Strategic Plan with you. That way, you can keep their insights and guidance in a form that will continue to perform long after their engagement has ended. Strategic planning at its best involves deep thinking and soul searching. That makes it difficult to remember, and even more difficult to execute. Our strategic plan helps you preserve all that work in a usable form.


With it, everyone on your team—including your front-line employees—can understand your strategic decisions and use them to more effectively keep their head in the game. When they are confronted with a decision or a choice, they will have a framework they can use to make the best, most strategic move for the organization.


These are the reasons why our One Page Strategic Plan is the best one in the world. It’s flexible. It includes videos to coach you. It lets you pull real-world metrics into it so you can track progress. And it’s designed to make it easy for you to effectively communicate your strategy to your whole team.