Strategic Project Dashboards

The ResultsBI Strategic Execution Platform includes the framework you
require to not only formulate a solid strategic plan but unlike other systems
provide you the tools to Execute your strategy, including:

  • Strategic Project Dashboards
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Power BI Dashboards
  • Integrated⇄Meetings™

*Execution Guaranteed or your money back!

How can we do this? — It’s simple, we have helped over 8,000 companies execute their strategy, our research verifies that if companies follow the Results BI Formula SM they will Execute their Strategy and grow.

85% of all Strategic Plans fail due to poor execution. Learn how we help you drive your execution. Schedule a one-on-one demo today.

Strategic Project Dashboards

Track the status of your quarterly strategic projects and related tasks, at the company level, team/division level, and individual levels.

The Results System is unique in that it combines KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Dashboard components with Projects components. This is important because you can look at numbers all day long but they do not fix themselves…It takes an Initiative or a Project to improve a number.

The Results BI Dashboard provides the status of your Strategic Projects and the related tasks. Focus on the projects will drive your success.

PowerBI Dashboards

Embedded live PowerBI Dashboards use Microsoft flow and the App Source store to connect your data and bring it to life. Map your data from multiple systems to stunning, dynamic PowerBI dashboards that measure your journey to success.

With the use of Power BI dashboards Results BI can bring in data from over 1,000 different applications, making Results the most powerful Strategy Execution system on the market.

Power BI dashboards with all your data from multiple systems consolidated into one powerful interactive view.


Simply click on your scheduled meeting and the agenda, along with every goal, KPI and project for every team member (and the status of each), is instantly loaded—tied directly to the agenda. Your Power BI dashboards are imbedded in your meetings providing real-time data that can immediately be actioned upon.


Integrated⇄Meeting is the Rosetta Stone of the Results BI Strategic Execution system. You have the vision, a comprehensive strategic planand the meetings integrated with your data is where you create the leverage to driving execution. Acknowledging successes, identifying roadblocks or issues and holding the team accountable.

The ResultsBI Strategic Execution System allows you not only to put together your strategy but unlike other systems it includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED to actually execute your strategy. Increase productivity, expand revenue and get real results is in this fully integrated, beautifully designed platform.