Survive and Strive

Businesses worldwide face unprecedented challenges right now. It is quite likely that when the world reopens, the economy will look a lot different than it used to.

We haven’t gone through anything quite like COVID-19 before, but we have seen revolutionary changes impact the world very quickly.

One type of revolutionary change had precursors.  For example, both the cell phone and the Internet were invented in 1983.  By the 1990s, many of us saw what the Internet would become, but the changes it wrought upon the economy from 1998 to 2001 were absolutely revolutionary.  Utilities like Google, which surpassed Yahoo! in 2006, and platforms like Facebook, which overtook MySpace in 2008, were such radical improvements upon their precursors that they changed society from top to bottom.  And while cellphones were common by 2009, the release of the iPhone that year changed the world anyway, revolutionizing everything from communications to the music industry.  These revolutions drove some businesses under.  But they also created many new ones.

Then there was the Great Recession of 2008.  It hit us without warning and was on the same scale as the Great Depression of 1928.  It showed no mercy across practically every market.  But it did create some opportunities.   My company actually grew by leaps and bounds, in part, because of the crisis.

The pandemic also hit with no warning.  Never before have we shut down the economy, fully expecting to be able to restart it when we’re ready.  It is driving countless businesses under.  But SaaS businesses are up 40% already.

As business leaders, we cannot throw up our hands and wonder what will happen to us.  We’re the ones who have to make things happen.  We are morally and financially obligated to make sure that we emerge from this pandemic stronger, wiser, and more successful than before.

To do that, we can learn from past revolutions.   And we can also follow a solid method that will help you position your company to thrive in this new world.

It is critical that you come up with your strategy for reopening your business now, so you have a plan in place when the time comes to execute it.

Let me teach you the pivot and plan techniques that I have used to not only survive a storm but emerge stronger from challenges like the one we face now.

Photo by Richard Balog on Unsplash

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