SWaTOL & Why It’s So Important to Businesses During This Crisis

What is SWaTOL?

SWOT analysis was invented in the 60s by a management consultant Albert Humphrey at the Stanford Research Institute.  It is best known as an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and “Threats.”  Well for businesses all around the world the “Threat” is here… COVID-19. It is having devastating effects on businesses globally.

A SWaTOL analysis includes: Strengths, Weakness, and then Trends, looking carefully at the Opportunites that exist for your company in this terrible negative trend moment. They might be opportunities that exist now, they might be opportunities that relate to a pivot you can make in your product or service offering, or they might be opportunities that will be created as this virus passes.

Regardless, to survive you need to find these diamonds in the rough, which are the Opportunites, and then “Leverage” them.

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