Strategy for Success in 2020

This 4-week webinar series will help guide you through the process of putting together a Strategic Plan to ensure that 2020 is your best year ever.

We break the strategic planning process down into a powerful 4-week webinar series. If you have never had a strategic plan, you need one – If you have not revisited your strategy recently, now is the time.

Putting together a strategic plan is a foundational layer that every business needs to have in place to drive successful execution. You do not have to attend every webinar – each one stands on its own. Over the next several weeks we will cover:


In week one, we will outline your vision (your dreams). Core Values, Core Purpose and BHAG — Who are you as a company? Why does your business exist? What do you want to accomplish? Success and team building start with the answers. But they have to be in a form that you can share with management and employee. Share your vision and get everyone on the same page. (Approximate time 40 minutes)


A Vison without a strategy remains nothing more than a dream. In this webinar we will review seven major components to assembling a sound strategy; Target Market Customer, Value Discipline, Core vs. Non-Core Activities; Strategic Positioning, Key Benefits, Brand Promise and Long Term Strategic Moves. Completing the components of this strategy session will provide clarity to everything you do. (Approximate time 40 minutes)


Vision & Strategy are not enough. The key to success is execution. In this webinar we will review; Numerical Targets, SWOT, Quarterly Strategic Projects, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). During the SWOT component, we will do a deep dive into Trends. In today’s rapidly changing business environment paying special attention to Trends is more important than ever before.(Approximate time 40 minutes)


Leadership is having a compelling vision, a comprehensive plan, relentless implementation, and talented people working together. — Alan Mullay So you now you’ve put it all together… however it estimated that 85% of all strategies fail due to poor execution. In this session, we will share the ResultsBIFormulaSM and show you how to drive relentless execution each day – every day. Don’t miss this one – it will ensure 2020 is your best year ever.(Approximate time 40 minutes)

Walk Through the ResultsBI Strategic Planning System

Put together a Strategic Plan for 2020 and grow your business – Make this your best year ever…the Results BI Strategic Planning platform will make it happen. In this 30minute live overview Results CEO, Marc Daniels will show you how the ResultsBI Strategic Execution System guides you through VISION, STRATEGY, & EXECUTION – providing a roadmap to your success.(Approximate time 25 minutes)