SWaTOL & Why It's So Important to Businesses During This Crisis

These are challenging times, personally and in business. This workshop will provide guidance on how to rebound explosively.

SWaTOL Workshop — Strengths, Weaknesses, and Trends, Opportunities & Leverage.

SWOT analysis has been done for years, however, I will step you through a modified SWOT process that includes a crucial Leverage analysis. The Leverage analysis helps you find Opportunities that exist despite the crisis, and define ways to Leverage them.

Prepare now to exit this period with a solid strategy for recovery and rapid growth!

More SWaTOL Dates:

Strategy for Success in 2020

This 4-week webinar series will help guide you through the process of putting together a Strategic Plan to ensure that 2020 is your best year ever.

We break the strategic planning process down into a powerful 4-week webinar series. If you have never had a strategic plan, you need one – If you have not revisited your strategy recently, now is the time.

Putting together a strategic plan is a foundational layer that every business needs to have in place to drive successful execution. You do not have to attend every webinar – each one stands on its own. Over the next several weeks we will cover:

1. Vision — Core Values, Core Purpose and BHAG

In week one, we will outline your vision (your dreams): Core Values, Core Purpose and BHAG — Who are you as a company? Why does your business exist? What do you want to accomplish? Success and team building start with the answers. But they have to be in a form that you can share with management and employee. Share your vision and get everyone on the same page. (Approximate time 45 minutes)

2. Strategy — Strategy for Success in 2020

A Vison without a strategy remains nothing more than a dream. In this webinar, we will review seven major components to assembling a sound strategy: Target Market Customer, Value Discipline, Core vs. Non-Core Activities; Strategic Positioning, Key Benefits, Brand Promise and Long Term Strategic Moves. Completing the components of this strategy session will provide clarity to everything you do. (Approximate time: 40 minutes)

3. Execution

Vision & Strategy are not enough. The key to success is execution. In this webinar we will review; Numerical Targets, SWOT, Quarterly Strategic Projects, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). During the SWOT component, we will do a deep dive into Trends. In today’s rapidly changing business environment paying special attention to Trends is more important than ever before.(Approximate time 40 minutes)

4. Leadership

Leadership is having a compelling vision, a comprehensive plan, relentless implementation, and talented people working together. — Alan Mullay So you now you’ve put it all together… however it estimated that 85% of all strategies fail due to poor execution. In this session, we will share the ResultsBIFormulaSM and show you how to drive relentless execution each day – every day. Don’t miss this one – it will ensure 2020 is your best year ever.(Approximate time 40 minutes)