Why Does the 10-Day Strategic Plan Challenge Work So Well?

How many challenges were you invited to over the course of the pandemic?  Probably several more than you joined.  Some were for fun and some were…challenging.

But I’ll bet you ten-to-one that I know two things about the challenges you actually finished:

  1. They were led by someone who knew what they were doing and who held you accountable.
  2. You did them with other people who also held you accountable, and who expected you to hold them accountable, too.

Research shows that when you have those things in place, you’re much more likely to succeed.

There’s a third motivating factor, though, that has really made our first round of 10-Day Strategic Challenges work spectacularly well.  That third factor is simply need.

Never before have business leaders needed strategic planning the way they need it now.  If you’re in North America or Europe, you’re almost halfway through your fiscal year.  If you’re in APAC, you’re about to start a new one.

No matter where you are, you’re looking at a historic restart of the economy as the lockdown worldwide is lifted.  Don’t just gloss over that word “historic,” either — this hasn’t happened in a hundred years, and no one really knows what it will be like.

Historic Challenge

That’s why strategy is so critical right now.  The market has changed.  The nature of “going to work” has changed.  Some old ways of doing business will die.  Many more new ones will spring up.

The reopening is like the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889, when settlers literally waited for a starting gun before they made a mad rush to claim territory as their own private property.  It didn’t matter whose property it was before.  All that mattered was that they got there first.

Something exactly like that is going to happen in your market.  You have the power to predict how.  You have the knowledge you need to make sure you’re one of the first to the new opportunities that will open up.  You have the ability to pivot your business to take full advantage.

All you need is a 10-day Strategic Planning Challenge to organize your thoughts and dreams into a plan that you can execute.  Leaders with a plan will grab the biggest market share.  Unfortunates without a plan will sit on the sidelines wondering what to do.  You know you can’t do what you did last year—not even Amazon or Apple can do what they did last year—and in order to do something new, you absolutely must have a Strategic Plan.

Incredible Offer

Oh, and you also need a horse-drawn wagon, which in this case is the Results BI R5 strategic planning system.  And you need other people to hold you accountable and to share the experience with you.  Your team can be 10 people strong, because that’s how many users can access ResultsBI with the license included with the challenge.

Other business leaders will be on the journey with you.  Most likely, they’ll not be competitors.  They’ll be the friends you need to keep you accountable, and they’ll expect the same from you.

We believe this so strongly, we are offering our 10-day challenge and our software well below cost.  Our only real competition is from consultants, who would charge anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 for the exact same coaching we will give you.  And they would leave you with a useless binder entombing your strategic plan.  We leave you with a dynamic software application where you can hold meetings and track progress on your strategic execution.

We have the long-term in mind, and we want to be a long-term partner of yours.  You need our method and you need our product now, so we’re offering it for an unbelievable price.  See you on Day 1!


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